Testimonial Awards

Each year at the ASQ annual quality congress, Testimonial Awards are given for contributions to the Society and its organizations, the profession, and to the quality of life by the ASQ. Two to three Automotive Division members receive this recognition from ASQ each year. Testimonial Award Winners

2011 -    Walter Oldeck

             Mary Beth Soloy

2010 -    Jay Zhou

              Kush Shah

2002 -    Cheryl Franks Denman

               Ken ZimmerHira

2001 -    Hira Fotedar

              Lou Ann Lathrop

2000 -    Patrick Poor

              Jaynie Vize

              Mike Vella

1999 -    Charles Tomlinson

              Francis Curtiss

              Dennis Seeger

1998 -    Patrick Poor

             Harold Brubaker

1996 -    Gerald McBean

             Charles Tomlinson

1995 -    Morrey Lightstone

             Tripp Martin

             Lloyd Brumfield