Course Description

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a common set of requirements intended to ensure that all product requirements are understood and that the manufacturing process is capable of meeting these requirements.  It is presented as a one-day course, which is based on the AIAG publication: PPAP 4th Edition

The first half of our course focuses the PPAP process, including specific requirements for the significant production run.  The second half reviews the intent and requirements for each of the 18 PPAP content requirements. 

One key take-away from this course is simple descriptions for each of the 18 PPAP documentation requirements.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to PPAP
  2. PPAP Process Requirements
  3. PPAP Content Requirements
  4. Simple Words for the Elements

Key Course Objectives

  • Explain How the PPAP Process Work
  • Understand Quality System Requirements
  • Select Good Participants – Build a Team
  • Identify Weaknesses in PPAP Processes
  • Explain 18 Key PPAP Deliverables
  • Manage PPAP Documents
  • Manage PPAP Records