Cecil C. Craig Award

The Craig Award was established by the Automotive Division in recognition of the many years of dedicated services to the division by Dr. Cecil C. Craig, professor emeritus, Mathematics Department, University of Michigan. The Craig Award is presented annually to the best technical/management publications relating to quality and reliability, written by the Automotive Division members.

The purpose of the Craig Award is to promote interest in the encourage the writing of technical/management publications by the Automotive Division membership and to promote their presentation at Automotive Division sponsored programs.


  • Committee

    • Each year the ASQ Automotive Division Council appoints a Craig Award Chair.

    • The Craig Award Chair has the freedom to establish committee size, members, and the Award plan for that year.

  • Nominations for the Craig Award typically come from:

    • A Call-For-Papers announcement sent out to all ASQ Automotive Division members for publications within the past year.

    • Articles published in the Division’s “Automotive Excellence” magazine or at an Automotive Division conference.

    • Articles or books that are published in the previous year by Automotive Division members that come to the attention of the committee.

    • Publications from Craig committee members are not eligible for consideration in the year in which they serve on the committee.

    • Publications from non-Automotive Division members are not eligible for consideration.

  • Scoring and Award

    • Each publication is scored based upon the following criteria, where each criterion is scored on a 1-5 scale:

      • Contribution to readership in Quality or Reliability where 1 represents a relatively low contribution and five is something that is a longer-term contribution useful for teaching and reference.

      • Publication venue where 1 represents a publication that is not peer-reviewed and has a relatively low audience, and 5 represents a publication that is peer-reviewed with a larger circulation.

      • The publication explains or makes clear an important aspect of quality and/or reliability.

      • The publication contains original ideas or work and is not a general review/term paper.

      • The publication utilizes examples/stories based on real-world case studies/experiences.

    • If needed (there are many papers with wide-ranging scores) scores are plotted and categorized into groups that receive either a:  Superior Award (typically scores of 16 or above), Good Award (typically scores of 12-15), and Honorable Mention.

    • Results are reviewed by the Automotive Division Council.

    • Each Award author(s) is presented a certificate at the Automotive Division Awards Dinner, and a check.  The amount of the check depends upon the budget for that year and the number of papers submitted for consideration.  Recently, Superior Awards received $75-$100.

The Cecil C. Craig Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Occasionally the committee is aware of an author(s) who is a long-term ASQ Automotive Division member and who publishes on a Superior level year after year for a decade or more.

  • To honor such an author, who could win the Craig Award every year, the committee awards a Lifetime Achievement Award to honor the author(s) entire body of work.

  • This Award is presented at the Automotive Division Awards Banquet in the form of a trophy.

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2018

Superior Category

David Auda, “Reliability and Security are Necessary Conditions for Safety” (Automotive Excellence)

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2017

Superior Category

  • John J. Casey for “Success Every Time as a Way of Thinking” (Quality Progress)

  • Dennis Craggs for “Vehicle Telemetrics Big Data Analysis” (Automotive Excellence)

  • Vasiliy Krivtsov  for “On Reliability of a Multi-Socket Repairable System”  (co-authored with M. Frankstein and O. Yevkin, Wiley On-Line Library)

  • Jd Marhevko for “Attribute Agreement Analysis, Calibrating the Human Gage” (ASQ Statistics Division) and “The Power of Linking Functional Initiatives to Business Strategies: A Hoshin Kanri Approach with Lean Results” (ASQ Lean Division)

  • James McLeish for “Accelerated Life Test – Simulation Integration” (Automotive Excellence)

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2016

Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Kai Yang, Wayne State University

In recognition of his published technical/management books, and articles relating to quality and reliability

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2015

Lifetime Achievement Award

R. Dan Reid

In recognition of his published technical/management books, standards, and articles relating to quality and reliability

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2014

Superior Category

Professor Kailash Kapur (University of Washington), “Some perspectives to Define and Model Reliability Using Fuzzy Sets” (Quality Engineering 25.2, 2013) with Zhaojun Li

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2013

The Craig Award had always awarded in the current year for work the previous year and was dated for the previous year.  The Award “skipped a year” so that it could be award dated in the year it was given.

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2011

Superior Category

Subir Chowdhury, “The Power of LEO,” McGraw-Hill, 2011

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2010

Superior Category

Basem S. El-Haik, “Software Design for Six Sigma: A Roadmap for Excellence,” Wiley, 2010 (with A. Shaout)

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2009

Superior Category

  • Ha Dao and William Maxson, “A Convergent Approach for Problem Solving,” (WCQI)

  • ”Theresa Pratt, “Avoiding the Seven Pitfalls to an Effective Document Control Process” (Automotive Excellence)

 Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2008

Superior Category

William Maxson, “Using Energy to Solve Technical Problems,” (Automotive Excellence)

 Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2007

Superior Category

John J. Casey, “3L5Y Explained”

R. Dan Reid, "Developing a Voluntary Health Care Standard," (Quality Progress, March, 2005)

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2006

Superior Category

Soren Bisgaard, “Dutch Hospital Implements Six Sigma,” (Six Sigma Forum, February, 2005)
Co-authored by: Jaap van den Heuvel and J.M.M. Does

Gregory Roth II, “Capability Indexes: Mystery Solved,” (Six Sigma Forum, May, 2005)

R. Dan Reid, “TS 16949 – Where Did It Come From” (Quality Progress, March, 2005) and “FMEA – Something Old, Something New,” (Quality Progress, May, 2005)

Good Category

Maria Stoletova, “How Russian and U.S. Standards Impact Foreign Trade,” (Quality Progress, 2005)

Murray Sittsamer, “Layered Process Audits...Don’t Believe They’re Just Audits,” (Automotive Excellence, 2005)

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 2000-2005

2004-2005 Winners

Superior Category

Sherri Loweke and Mark Sickau, “Distilling the Essential Components of Satisfaction and Quality,” (Automotive Excellence, 2004)

R. Dan Reid, “Quality Management and System Performance – The Missing Links,” (Business Briefing: Global Automotive Manufacturing and Technology, 2003)

Good Category
Lou Ann Lathrop, “Training Plans Complaint to Quality Standards and Quality Systems,” (Automotive Excellence, 2003)

Mary McDonald, Terry Mors, and Ann Phillips, “Integrating ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Systems,” (Automotive Excellence, 2003

2003 Winners
There were no awards given this year due to the reorganization of the Craig Award Committee.

2002 Winners
Superior Award
Mike R. Hill
Bharath Vijayendra
John Young

2001 Winners
Superior Award
John L. Lindland

Good Award
James Imboden
James Oxenrider
Norma Simons

Honorable Mention
William Harral
Lou Ann Lathrop
Doug Berg

2000 Winner

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 1990-1999

1999 Winner

1998 Winner

1997 Winners
Ronald Moen
Hans Bajaria
William M. Harral and
Douglas L. Berg

1996 Winners
Paul Hurley
Hans Bajaria
William M. Harral
Douglas L. Berg

1995 Winners
Paul Hurley
Gary S. Wasserman
Hans J. Bajaria

1994 Winners
Robert H. Kushler and Paul Hurley
Gary S. Wasserman and John L. Lindland
John F. Van Gilder
Mark S. Horvath and James M. Wasiloff
David N. Cushing

1993 Winners
Superior Award
Joseph Pignatiello and John Ramberg
Steven Littig and Teresa Lan

Good Award
William M. Harral and Douglas L. Berg

Honorable Mention
Hans J. Bajaria
William Winchell

1992 Winners
Superior Award
Tripp Martin
Donald J. Wheeler

Good Award
Shawn Burns
Douglas L. Berg and William M. Harral
Davis R. Bothe

Honorable Mention
Barbara Price and Kelly Price
Bruce W. Pince

1991 Winners
Edwin J. Klop
Donald L. Nordeen
Robert J. Dika and
Ray L. Begley
Hans J. Bajaria
Phillip R. Wahl
Joyce S. Jinks
Paul D. James
Douglas L. Berg

1990 Winners

Cecil C. Craig Award Winners 1988-1989

1989 Winners
Superior Award
Hans J. Bajaria
Davis R. Bothe
Robert E. King

Good Award
Judith A. Baranowski,
Robert D. Fisher,
Gregory N. York, and
Harold E. Hempel
Douglas L. Berg
Archie E. Bice
Robert C. Blaone, Daniel W. Burden,
and Norman E. Morrell
Jerry L. Roslund

Honorable Mention
George J. Marcel
David L. Muthler
John F. Van Gilder

1988 Winners
Superior Award
John G. Lazur
Richard D. Moen and Thomas W. Nolan
Larry P. Sullivan
James A. Warren

Good Award
Richard M. Brown and Michael I. Burke
David N. Cushing
Carlisle S. Davis
Del L. Furman
Maureen S. Heaphy
Dr. Kalalsh C. Kapur
Theodore A. Lowe
G. Joesph Simons and Joseph Vigo
William O. Winchell

Honorable Mention
William L. Christy and John F. Whalen
Gerald M. McBean
Charles L. Tomlinson