Quality Professional of the Year Award

The Quality Professional of the Year Award has been established to recognize the individuals in the automotive industry who have made significant contributions in the following areas:

  • Leadership or managerial skills in implementing continuous improvement in quality;
  • Services provided to the community toward furthering the understanding of quality systems and techniques;
  • Support and encouragement of new and innovative ideas leading to never-ending pursuit of excellence;
  • Demonstrated high regard for team benefits and results.

2016 - 

2015 - Harry Flotemersch

2014 - Robert Perkin

2013 - Geri Markley

2012 - David Butler

2011 - 

2010- Mike Rall

2009 -Jay Zhou

2008- John Katona

2007- Rajinder Kapur

2006- Jim Smith

2005- James L. Odom

2004- Mr. Chad Kymal

2003- Steve Leggett

2002- Thomas Schoenfeldt

2001- Shin Taguchi

2000- Mary Rowzee

1999- Warren A. Raybon

1998- Robert E. Nelson Jr.

1997- William J. Kalmar

1996- Michael J. Vella

1995- William Barthold

         Carla Traci Preston

         Timothy Sheppard

1994- Theodore A. Lowe

1993- Tom Jacob (Large Company)

1992- Quentin R. Skrabec Jr. (Small Company)

         Donald Nordeen