Course Description

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is structured process that includes critical tasks from concept approval through production.  The process follows the AIAG Quality Planning model as described in the AIAG publication, APQP 2nd Edition.  In this one-day course we discuss the five phases, together with their tools and techniques.  The five phases are:

  1. Planning
  2. Product Design and Development
  3. Process Design and Development
  4. Product and Process Validation
  5. Production, Feedback, and Continuous Improvement

Our focus then turns to effective and efficient implementation of control plans.  We also include a checklist approach for some of the more common quality planning methods. 

The goal of this quality planning process is to bring products to market more quickly, at lower cost, greater customer satisfaction, and reduced risk for the customer, supplier, and product.

Course Outline

  1. Working within a Quality System
  2. Fundamentals of Quality Planning
  3. AIAG Model for Quality Planning
  4. Implementation of Control Plans
  5. Checklists for Quality Planning

Key Course Objectives

  • Bring products to market more quickly.
  • Protect against severe failure modes.
  • Develop efficient inspection strategies.
  • Gain product approval with less time and effort, and at lower cost.
  • Implement methods to control processes, solve problems, and reduce variation.
  • Make better use of lessons learned to improve future product launches.