Automotive Excellence: Winter 2019


Automotive Excellence: Spring 2018


Automotive Excellence: Spring 2017


Automotive Excellence: Summer 2015

May Board of Director Meeting Highlights
Board of Director Summary
AD PAR Silver Award
13th Annual Symposium & Awards
Robust Design Shelf to Reduce Time to Market
Improving the Efficiency & Effectiveness of
Reliability Test Plans
2015 Guangbin Yang Reliability Symposium


Automotive Excellence: Spring 2013

From the Editor Rob Langdon.  Leadership, Kush Shah.  ASQ 2013 Symposium.  ASQ 2012 Awards Banquet - Meadowbrook Hall, Jaynie Vise.  Quantum Quality Part II, John Lindland.  Solving Technical Problems: Questions Drive The Tactics, Rob Langdon.  Chrysler Develops Laboratory Based Shainin® Training, Judson B. Estes and Frank Falzetta 


Automotive Excellence Spring 2012


Abstract: Letter from the Chair, Kush Shah, Automotive Division Chair.  Process improvement Quantum Quality, John Lindland.  2012 ASQ Automotive Division Symposium Summary Kush Shah.  Synergistic Partners for the Automobile Industry, Dana W. Clarke, Sr..  Fixing Things and The Discipline of Language and Thought, John Allen.


Automotive Excellence Winter 2011

Message about leadership from the Automotive Division Chair, Kush Shah.  
Richard Shainin from Shainin llc talks about Methods vs. Leadership, Which Matters Most?
FORD MOTOR COMPANY Host 2011Awards Banquet at Automotive Hall of Fame
Quantum Quality, part 1 of 3 articles, John Lindland


Automotive Excellence Fall 2010

Abstract: ASQ quality professional of the year award winner Dr. Jay Zhou from the Ford motor company.  General Motors hosts 2010 Awards banquent at the GM Heritage Center.  "Steps towards closing the software quality gap" Frederick R. Hume and Mary Beth Soloy.  "Foreign business practices" Chris Hermenitt.  ASQ nominations and call for papers, Kush Shaw and Carol Malone.  Letter from the ASQ Automotive Chair, Ha Dao.

Spring 2010.jpg

Automotive Excellence: Spring 2010

Abstract: Risk Analysis-Why is it important? As a business leader how do you know when to take a risk and not to take a risk. A look at tools to analyze and manage risk.; Walter P. Chrysler Museum – Celebrating the companies proud heritage with 65 vehicles, exhibits and interactive displays.; Financial crisis continues to negatively impact supply chain- A look at how the financial crisis ripples through the supply chain and the impact on suppliers. How to assess supplier viability.; A book review of human error prevention – Ben Marguglio puts human error prevention tools to effective use and provides the detail necessary to implement them.;Applying Poka Yoke principles through FMEA and 8-D processes-How to integrate Poka Yoke concepts into the two most common problem solving and risk management tools currently in use. 


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Automotive Excellence: Fall 2009

Abstract: John Katona named Quality Professional of the Year.;Jim Odom receives ASQ Fellow; Turning Read-Across Dreams into a Strategic System for Growth – A look at the obstacles and the keys to an effective read-across system.; Chysler LLC hosts 2009 Awards Banquet at Walter P Chrysler Museum.; Safety 101 – Ensuring the safety of your workers – A history of the numerous government and industry agencies created for the sole purpose of monitoring and enforcing their regulations.; How the Space Shuttle was compromised by a horses bum – A link between the space shuttle design and Roman war chariots.; Avoiding the seven pitfalls to an effective document control system – Suggestions for overcoming pitfalls in document control systems.


Winter 2009.jpg

Automotive Excellence: Winter 2009

Abstract: The Beauty of 5 Why Problem Solving – A look at how 5 Why links events to a root cause through simply asking Why.; 3L5Y Analysis and the Product Development Process – Analysis extends focus from reacting to individual issues to fixing the processes that cause them.; Ford Motor Company hosts 2008 Awards Banquet at the Henry & Eleanor Ford Fairlane Estate.; Developing your SME (Subject Matter Expert)-The importance of manufacturing labor and development of SME’s for growth and discovery.; Critical Factors in Managing a Comprehensive Quality Management System – Based on 2007 Auto Industry study that examined certified QMS used throughout industry and relation of quality factors to ISO/TS standards.


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Automotive Excellence: Summer 2008

Abstract: The Seven Failure Modes- A look at stress and energy and selecting the fight level of detail.  FMEA tips and tricks – Suggestions for improving the FMEA process.  How can we make our FMEA’s smarter?   Beyond FMEA, can SET help take the manufacturing industry to the next level.   The Forgotten FMEA Manual.  Why to use this tool for successful FMEA implementation

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Automotive Excellence: Spring 2008

Abstract: Using Energy to Solve Technical Problems – When solving technical problems that involve mechanical failures, the ability to understand and measure energy properly is the key to finding the cause of failure. Gaining Competitive Advantage, Lean Management, Six Sigma or ISO 9000? A company at a Crossroads - A look at how an implementation team decided among different strategies for obtaining ISO 900 certification, through a tailored program using Six Sigma and Lean tools without full blown programs; Why ask why when you should be asking what? –How tunnel vision can affect problem solving ability and the art of decision making, and root cause tool selection

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Automotive Excellence: Winter 2007

Abstract: Firmware Update: Over The Air (FOTA) for Automotive – a look at todays software updating process and suggesting some alternatives.; Supply Chain Quality: Survival and Success Require Team Effort – A look a the need for communication and cooperation from OEMS to Tier 4’s; Hard Measures and Soft Factors – Measuring quality and evaluating intangibles to improve product quality. ; Statistical Concepts that work for you –Many problems can be prevented by using basic statistical concepts to extract and analyze data and allows decisions to be made proactively.; Measuring your detection protection – The flaws in FMEA’s and ways to measure defect detection protection.

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Automotive Excellence: Summer 2007

Abstract: Methods to cut your NFT Warranty in half a case study – A look at the various methodologies in house and through supply chain that will improve quality and reduce warranty; Using external employees to perform your process audits – The benefits of using external employees to do auditing are discussed; Keep the turtles for the soup – An alternative approach to the “turtle diagrams” conventionally used with ISO TS 16949:2002, this paper considers why many companies find their Quality Management Systems to be non-value added and how emerging “process approach” system architecture addresses these problems; Crafting an Error Proofing Strategy – An analogy of how the “Turbo Tax “ eases the process of completing taxes, and how we need the same system approach for automotive production

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Automotive Excellence: Winter / Spring 2006

Abstract: Update to the AIAG Reference Manual – As the manual is aging it needs updates to account for new philosophies and methods; Quality System Engineering – Examines GM’s Dig Deep and Wide (DD&W) process to understand systemic problem areas in Quality Systems from suppliers; The New Frontier of SPC: Robust SPC Method – Optimizing feedback strategy in automated feedback systems; Applying SPC to control Measurement System Error – A case where SPC methods were applied to insure a measurement system is honest over time; SPC for Operator Control – The application of Pre-control for process control; Proof by Example: Yes Virginia, SPC does work – This paper looks at SPC approaches for “unique “ process; Reject Limits in a Continuous Manufacturing Process – Sampling plan development and reject limits used in continuous manufacturing are examined; Application of the Shewhart Chart – Why some still struggle with the application of process control and a look at pitfalls of implementation; Control Charts for Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Using control charts to interpret results of Customer Satisfaction Surveys is examined; Control Charts for Time Oriented Rare Event Data – Explores the use of ‘cycles until an event’ data and compares the use of geometric control charts to Individual Value/Moving Range charts; Capability Studies of Coordinate Measuring Machines – shows the process and applicable quality requirements to complete CMM capability studies;

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Automotive Excellence: Winter 2005

Abstract: OEM’s and their suppliers working together to improve the environment while providing value – How SP (Supplier Partnership for the Environment)- impacts design for environment, packaging, metrics, energy management, and environmental protection across the supply chain; The Evolution of Quality in the Automotive – A historical compilation led by Mr. Morris Lighthouse and presented at the 1993 Quality Congress.; 2004 Annual Automotive Awards Recognition Banquet. 

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Automotive Excellence: Fall 2005

Abstract: Layered process audits – How layered process audits make good suppliers better, and keep great supplies from declining; Healthcare and the auto industry - and update on IWA 1; What’s New: SPC Manual Second Edition – An overview of the new content and updates in the second edition; Standards Update Fall 2005 – Updates to standards within AIAG, ISO and ANSI; American Society for Quality Automotive Division Annual Scholarship & Recognition Dinner 

Abstract: 2003 Scholarship and Awards Banquet; Applying Quality Principals to Self Improvement – Relating the loss function principal to self improvement; Is Certification Paying for Automotive Manufacturers? – A look at the costs vs benefits of certification; Review of Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma DFSS - discussion on the role of six sigma and the importance of proactive DFSS

Automotive Excellence: Winter 2004

Automotive Excellence: Spring / Summer 2004

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Abstract: Distilling the Essential Components of Satisfaction and Quality – An in-depth look at the importance of Voice of Customer and how to integrate this concept into strategy and actions through condensed metrics; Lean Quality Conference – Overview of Lean Quality Conference held in April in Livonia, Michigan; Driving Effecting Process Mistake Proofing – A strategy for aligning Process Mistake Proofing using DFMEA and PFMEA consistently and rationally, and utilizing qualitative not subjective to score the process



Abstract: What is ISO/TS 16949:2002; ISO/TS 16949:2002 A New Opportunity, A New Challenge; How can you move from QW-9000 to ISO/TS 16949:2000; Integrating ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Systems 


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Automotive Excellence: Winter / Spring 2003

Abstract: It may be time to retool your quality system - Questions to help evaluate the effectiveness of your quality system and suggestions to move in the right direction; Training plans complaint to Quality Standards and Quality Systems – a look at how with a little more work and organization the training dollars we spend can be better leveraged and optimized; Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma Automotive Division Workshop – An overview of the Six Sigma, DFSS workshop sponsored by ASQ Automotive Division; System Engineering: An application in Automotive Product Development Process – Tools to help robustness of product designs including Kano and P-Diagrams and the linkages to FMEA’s , DOE’s , SDS, and others are discussed.

Automotive Excellence: Spring 2002

Spring 2002.jpg

Abstract: 2002 ASQ Automotive Scholarship and Recognition Dinner; How to apply manufacturing 100% delivery techniques to engineering - Case studies from manufacturing with 100% delivery performance and the vision to carry these lessons on into elements of engineering; Dispelling ISO 14000 Fears; A plan for transition from ISO 9000 to TS 16949:2000; QS 9000 Update – Subcontractor Development 

Automotive Excellence: Fall 2001

Automotive Excellence: Summer 2001