Cruising with the Chair

“Cruising with the Chair”:

Dear ASQ Automotive Division Members, One of the things I want to do in 2016 is keep all of you “up to speed” and informed as best I can as to what is happening with our division and what we are doing to improve our value to you, our members. I will also try to respond to the questions and suggestions we receive via our division emails. In keeping with the automotive spirit…we will cruise down the road and share news and occasionally something humorous and different. No Texting while cruising! So here is my first update for 2016: Improving Member Value:

  1. We are forming a committee to investigate and develop a new annual “scholarship” that will be awarded to Automotive Division members each year. The award will be given to one of our members to support continued education at the learning institution of their choice. We want to have criteria for the award that recognizes success in learning as well as involvement and participation in our division activities. So expect some of the criteria to include credit for writing papers for our division, presenting at webinars and meetings and volunteering at Automotive Division events. Keep an eye open on this site for further news as we progress toward this new opportunity for our members.
  2. We are also looking at providing training (Core Tools and others) specifically for our members. Some of the training will be via Webinar and some of it will be at a college or conference center. Our intent is to offer this training for our members at little or no cost. This will include topics and training that earn RU credits. (No cost is the target)
  3. We plan to schedule free webinars this year open to Automotive Division members where we will provide “State of the Division” information and updates regarding division business and member opportunities. First one will likely be in March. Please keep an eye on our website for further updates. Recent inquiries from members: Core Tool Training: We have received several emails and questions relating to when we will offer online and individual training for Core Tools. The answer is very soon. As I mentioned above, we are working as fast as we can to find ASQ qualified trainers and to develop the programs so this training can be offered in a variety of different formats. I will keep you all updated as we progress. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 16949: Members have asked for information relating to these two standards and what it is going to mean and when are they going to be released. If you get Quality Progress you should have seen an article co-authored by Automotive Division members (including myself) relating to this topic. I have asked our web site manager to post a copy of it on our website for those of you that may have missed it. Rod Munro will be presenting the topic again at the WCQI in Milwaukee in May and we will take every opportunity to discuss this in upcoming events and meetings. The new ISO 9001:2015 standard was released late last year and at this time we anticipate the new ISO/TS 16949 standard sometime early this fall. I will do my best to include updates on this topic in each of my communiqués to our members.

Volunteering for the Division: We have had some inquiries relating to how to get involved and who to contact to volunteer. (We would really like to see many more of these type inquiries) The answer is very simple: Just send an email or contact any of the council members or send an email to the email address on our site. We are always looking for “new” members that want to take advantage of the opportunities and mentoring we can offer via volunteering and participation.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming events:

• Symposium and 2016 Awards Recognition – June 27 (Tentative- watch for it on the Automotive Division Website. (See below for link)

• ASQ World Conference on Quality Improvement (WCQI), Milwaukee WI May 16-18

• ASQ Automotive Division Annual Business Meeting at WCQI Milwaukee WI Sunday, May 15 • ASQ Automotive Division Hospitality Suite at WCQI in Milwaukee WI Monday, May 16

• We will also host several free webinars this year as we do every year.

Thank you for your membership and I welcome you to contact us for volunteer opportunities.

Please visit our web site at

Sincerely, David D. Butler

Chair, ASQ Automotive Division