ASQ Automotive Awards

You may have considered nominating someone in the past, or have nominated someone who may not have been chosen, only because their competition was equally outstanding.  Now is the time to consider nominating or RE-nominating that individual you feel so strongly deserves recognition for their contributions to Quality.  If you with to nominate someone for the Quality Professional of the Year or Quality Leader of the Year, please use the links in this article to down load a form.

Some of the awards we present annually are described below. 

Quality Professional of the Year

The Quality Professional of the Year Award has been established to recognize individuals in the automotive industry who have made significant contributions in the following areas:

• Leadership or managerial skills in implementing continuous improvement in quality;
• Services provided to the community toward furthering the understanding of quality systems and techniques;
• Support and encouragement of new and innovative ideas leading to the never-ending pursuit of excellence;
• Demonstration of a high regard for team benefits and results.

On-Line Nomination Form

Quality Leader of the Year


The Quality Leader of the Year Award was established to acknowledge and publicly recognize those leaders in the automotive industry, outside of the quality profession, who exemplify a commitment to the principles and disciplines of quality.

A quality leader may be described in a number ways, although certain key words come up frequently in trying to pin down a description.  Those key words are: vision, customer-focused, quality philosophy and continuous improvement.  A leader in the automotive industry may be described as one who has consistently demonstrated the vision to encourage and to universally apply a customer-focused code in every aspect of business.

On-Line Nomination Form

William P. Koth Award

The Koth Award was established by the Automotive Division in recognition of the William P. Koth, AOSmith Corporation, for his many years of dedicated service to the division.  The Koth Award is presented each year to a currently active Automotive Division member who has given outstanding personal service for the promotion of the Automotive Division and the American Society for Quality.

The Koth Award Committees are composed of the last six Koth Award recipients and the Koth Award chair.

Cecil C. Craig Award

The Craig Award was established by the Automotive Division in recognition of the many years of dedicated services to the division by Dr. Cecil C. Craig, professor emeritus, Mathematics Department, University of Michigan. The Craig Award is presented annually to the best technical/management publications relating to quality and reliability, written by the Automotive Division members.

The purpose of the Craig Award is to promote interest in the encourage the writing of technical/management publications by the Automotive Division membership and to promote their presentation at Automotive Division sponsored programs.

Judson C. Jarvis Service Award

The Jarvis Award was established by the Automotive Division to honor Judson G. Jarvis in recognition of his many years of service to the Automotive Division, especially on the Program Planning Committee.

    The Jarvis Award is presented to the individual who earns recognition by others, participates in the functions of the Automotive Division and makes the most significant contribution to the success of the Automotive Division Events.  Nominations are made by the Automotive Division Council members."

Past award winners and nomination forms


Quality Professional of the Year - Rhonda Brender

Quality Leader of the Year - Alastair (AL) r. Deane

William P. Koth Award - john katona

The Cecil C. Craig Award - david auda

Judson C. Jarvis Service Award - dr. mohammad hijawi