ASQ Automotive Division is committed to becoming the worldwide leader on quality issues related to the automotive industry. Members include professionals from almost every discipline in the vehicle manufacturing and supplier business in the automotive, heavy-truck, off-highway, agricultural, industrial and construction equipment industries.


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ASQ Automotive Chair


ASQ Automotive Chair

Tel: 248-961-4648


David Butler has been a quality professional for more than 38 years and has worked at several Tier 1 Automotive suppliers during his career including, TRW, Robert Bosch, Champion Spark Plug, Eagle Picher, ThyssenKrupp and his current employer TI Automotive. His current role at TI Automotive is Global Director- Supplier Management and Purchasing Systems. David has attended more than 250 training seminars and classes and has taught about the same amount.

David first joined the ASQ in 1976 and after a short time away rejoined in 1986 and has been a full time member ever since. He is a Senior Member of the ASQ, Certified Quality Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt and has served on various standards and test committees over the years. David is currently Chair-Elect for the Automotive Division Council and is also a member of the Customer/Supplier Division and Quality Management Division of the ASQ. He recently attended his 28th consecutive ASQ World Conference this past May in Anaheim. He has tried to volunteer at each of these conferences.

David has a BSMB in Business Management and is past Chair of the National Management Association. During his career David has been lucky enough to personally meet and train under many of the key quality “gurus” including Dr. Deming, Joseph Juran, Phillip Crosby and many others. He considers the highlight of his career learning from two of his favorite mentors; Dorian Shanin and Dr. John Hromi. Both of these men were “personable” and both respected the person more than the process or method. “Quality is never better than the honor and intent of the men and women that are assuring it”