CorrectSPC  The Correct Use of Non Shewhart SPC in Precision Machining Aug 8, 2016

This presentation is very controversial, as it destroys the myth of the normal curve in precision machining! It goes into the correct distribution, and the proper setup of control charts that allow absolute control of the process! It covers how Cpk's cannot be calculated for precision diameters and lengths - because the distribution is non-normal (see AIAG PPAP 4th edition, NOTE), and how compressing control limits increases variation, and is not continuous improvement! It sounds like blasphemy, but it is all true - and once you see the facts, it is impossible to argue!

Presenter: Bob Doering has been in the quality field for over 20 years.  He is currently a quality engineer for an automotive component manufacturing firm, as well as a consultant in SPC, Metrology and Quality Concepts training.  He holds associates degrees from Lorain County Community College of Elyria, Ohio and The University of Akron of Akron, Ohio; BA in Business and MBA in Systems Management from Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio.

Presenter: Bob Doering

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