Using Quality Principles on an Automotive Trip to Alaska Dec 8, 2014

In 1951 my wife and I decided to take a trip from Detroit, Michigan to Fairbanks, Alaska in a 1948 Pontiac Torpedo. My friends and relatives thought we were crazy, but we were young and adventuresome so we decided to go anyway. Being a quality professional encouraged me to do some well thought out planning. The trip would be well over 5000 miles and included fine paved roads in the U.S. but muddy and gravel roads in Canada. During World War II the 1523 mile gravel Alaskan Highway was constructed, but the roads before the Alacan were notoriously rough and even dangerous in some areas. 

So with this researched knowledge we had a lot of planning to do. First the conditions of the Pontiac had to be in good shape. Knowledge of where gas stations were (some were up to 65 miles apart) had to located. We had to have the right provisions as restaurants and lodgings were limited. Extra auto parts had to be purchased. Camping provisions had to be acquired (including the usual camping equipment, nonperishable foods, plus armed protection in the event of wild animal encounters). 

The webinar will provide some details of the preparations for the trip, experiences on the road and our camping ventures, encounters with the wild animals, how we managed the problems we had, and the overall use of quality principles before and during the journey. I plan to cover some of these experiences in not only a technical manner but also I think in an entertaining way.

Structured Concept Development  March 11 2014 

Jumping off from the November 2012 webinar on Innovation tools applied to problem solving, Harry will focus this time on walking you through a structured concept development workshop.  You will see how the dialogue is organized from the start, though idea generation, convergence on a concept, and to the tryout of a prototype in the field to see how it works!  A diverse team was challenged to create product design concept in a 1 day workshop.

The audience will see the some of the most basic techniques as facilitated with full view of the flip chart graphics created by the team who participated in the experience. At the end, the Webinar participants will be invited to try out some of first steps demonstrated on their own concept challenges and give Harry some feedback later their experience.

Presenter: Harry Flotemersch, Sr. Consultant Shainin LLC.

Presentation slides

Chi Square Test of Proportions for Confirmation Testing

February 11, 2011 Dick Shainin presented an ASQ Automotive Webinar on B vs C Confirmation Testing.  B vs C confirmation testing leverages variable data and small sample sizes to provide a quick simple non parametric test with minimal Alpha Risk.  This webinar will cover applying Chi Square Test of Proportions as a quick simple non parametric test when binary data is involved.

 The audience will see the some practical applications of the Chi Square Test of Proportions for confirming root cause in a problem solving investigation.

 At the end, the Webinar participants will be invited to try execute a Chi Square Test of Proportions using an Excel template. 

Presenter: Craig Hysong, Sr. Executive Vice President, Shainin LLC.

Presentation Slides

Excel Template